Working with the Multiverse

Sharing some of the week developing Of the Spheres for the cosmic land art site the Crawick Multiverse by Charles Jencks. 

The Multiverse in the watershed of the River Nith, Dumfries & Galloway Land art stretches across acres, transforming the site of a former open cast coal mine into maps of the cosmos. 21950667_10155845041761388_4023931142953907451_o

Everywhere you go space is written into the stones. Like this representation of Laniakea – home to the Milky Way:


The site was designed as a Stonehenge for contemporary times drawing on cutting-edge scientific discovery and it’s integration into the surrounding area is fascinating. There is a difference between an ancient site that has always existed for generations and one that is built amidst radically diverse socio-economic realities. The locals in the villages surrounding the site may have a sometimes ambivalent relationship, suspicious of the expense, dubious about the utility, but perhaps this uncertainty is like any new relationship. The Space Park has given the question of where we are in the Universe a solidity that is hard to ignore for the region.   

Kate Genevieve presented Of the Spheres at the Crawick Solstice Science celebrations in between science presentations on the theme of the relationship of the earth and the sun. Presenting scientists included Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, who discovered pulsars as a graduate student in radio astronomy in Cambridge and brought a whole new branch of astrophysics into existence with her find.




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