Trust: London

Starting as an audio piece, the immersive experiment “Trust” grew across the run of Technology is Not Neutral through interactive live labs, immersive performances and hacking workshops. 

The interactive audio installation can be experienced through headphones that trigger layered soundscapes in relation to the listener’s movement and in a Virtual Reality experience that combines touch open during the Watermans Weekender.

These experiments are part of an interdisciplinary creative technology project that explores the human attempt to communicate being alive on this planet across borders of language and shared understanding.

Initiated at the SCANZ 3rd nature meeting at Parihaka, New Zealand in 2013 with the question: how can creative multi-sensory communication aid us in evolving wisdom that respects planetary reality? The project continued on the streets of Paris during the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP21, and a working visit with the Leweton community in Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu.

Recognising the critical value of developing communication technologies for creative action to meet the challenges that face contemporary times, Of the Spheres asks the global community to take on a planetary perspective, whilst respecting the paradox, the misunderstandings and the vital diversity necessitated by this attempt.

For the Technology is Not Neutral tour the work and workshops explored how we can use immersive technology to explore the macro through the micro: by exploring intimacy, listening and relational experience can we find new ways to mediate complex planetary realities through our personal, visceral senses?

Exhibited in Phoenix Brighton, Watermans London and at NIMES Australia 2016 through to 2017.

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