ofthespheres.com is an ongoing communication experiment inspired by the Golden Disc aboard the Voyager probes and their speculative intention of communicating life on earth.   

Consider ET – imagine a starry observer of human evolution – perhaps this is one way to feel out what a relationship between the non human environment and human subjectivity might be at this time of climate crisis. 

Of the Spheres plays with immersive technology’s scope to engage the micro and the macro: to explore intimacy and inner space and the polyphony of the planetary. 

Initiated at the SCANZ 3rd nature meeting at Parihaka, New Zealand in 2013 and developed on the streets of Paris during the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP21, contining with a working visit with the Leweton community in Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu and work in situ at the Crawick Multiverse with students from the Sanquhar Academy in Scotland. 

This is a chroma.space project and has involved artists, technologists and scientists in New Zealand, America and Europe. We are open to collaboration. The project is dedicated to share resources and assets in support of open knowledge and open source culture.