Festival of Climate Action

The gaze of a Balinese dancer beaming out onto the streets of Brighton. This photograph is image 64 on the Golden Record aboard the Voyager 1. We sent this message to space to communicate the beauty of the earth to potential intelligent beings – the Festival of Climate Action asks when the dwellers of earth are going to receive this message themselves.

Starting in England and then over to Paris for the COP21, this was an urgent terrestrial evolution of the Of the Spheres project. The earth is one of the spheres. The one on which we stand. The one that we threaten with our ways of being.

So we staged a takeover in ONCA welcome to all, projection portals to Paris and guerilla art on the streets… taking the question of what communication can work to the COP21. What communications can help us to find our way to align with living ecologies? Planting labyrinth seed bombs in the public parks – a mix of flowers – ready to bloom for April. Change comes through the cycles…

This takeover ended with a party. A beautiful, eclectic and unbelievably fun dance party with Cosmo Sheldrake – his music playfully sampling sounds of whales and coral reefs https://soundcloud.com/cosmosheldrake




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