Popping the Bubble

Popping the Bubble

In a NASA press conference last Thursday 12th September Voyager Project Scientist Ed Stone confirmed the location of the Voyager 1 to be “in the dense plasma of interstellar space not in the rarer plasma of the outer part of the solar envelope.” http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/interstellarvoyager/  Voyager 1 is now an interstellar spacecraft!

Our 360 Projection show Heliosphere that started the Of The Spheres project is inspired by just this moment: the first time in human history that a manmade object makes its way out of our solar system to that unexplored region of space between the stars.

We’ve made it out! It’s hard not to think of Flammarion’s wild fantastic engraving of breaching the membrane when considering the little probe’s transgressive exit out of the Heliosphere, that bubble like boundary of ionised particles that marks the limits of our solar system. 

Spinning with excitement about this news we talked to BBC World Service about the project: BBC Click episode on Of the Spheres


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