The Call: Crawick Multiverse

Over my Doctoral work I’ve kept asking myself how human senses flow with the information from the earth’s systems and the stars. How can we create fresh unions of myth, art and science in relationship with the earth and the stars? Animals are guided by the earth’s flows – whale and dolphins “echo-locate” underwater, bats use sound for aerial navigation – so can we open our senses and attune ourselves to feel the information coming from the earth’s living system?

There’s a bounty of body hacking projects exploring magnetism and extending the senses but there are also senses we have and may not be fully exploring: singing, movement, touch. Improvisation offers a way to explore this playfully and ritual provides a way of journeying outside conventional science and received Western wisdom to open up to other forms of communication with the earth system. 

On the 15th September 2017 we connected across the waters with a shared intent for an expansion of understanding between humans and the land. 


Crawick Multiverse – Scotland

Katharine Vega, Tracey Benson, Martin Drury, Gian Pietro Fabricio and Michelle Proksell cast a circle in Scotland. Sharing stories, runes and song as a prototype of a station for relational realities that links the earth and stars.

Quandamooka (Moreton Bay) – Australia

Sandy Sur will perform a ceremony at the bay. 

Byron Bay –  Australia 

Liz Barker will be making creek prints as a prayer of healing.


Tommy Dick will lead a cava ceremony.

Buskerud – Norway

Hege Braathen, Tyr Neilson will cast the runes

Lenapehoking (Delaware)  – USA

Dåkot-ta Alcantara-camacho and Jack Gray holding ceremony – sharing intention

Alice Springs, Australia

Dian Booth will improvise on the violin  

Connective copper: finding the others connecting through the wires and the waves.

It was a mysterious day of heartfelt group intention in that zone where science and nature, myth and personal reality escape their distinctions and events collide in heightened ritual time as little stories of self remember an older larger story. In Scotland we sang, connected wire and radios and taped copper runes to invoke the roots of the Western tradition: Odin hanging from his tree in deepest meditation, sending his determination down to the darkest depths, like a fish hook into the waters to catch that magical fish of language and understanding.

Marty brings a gift of visual language from Australia: the 17th card of the Tarot.


A fresh new clarity rising from the waters. The merging of the streams of the personal with the universal. 

We all feel the call differently – and that’s a good thing.



Documentation in Crawick: Martin Drury, Michelle Proksell


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